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Worm Castings 1lb

Quick Overview

All Natural
100% Organic Matter
Will improve Soil Structure
Contains Beneficial Microbes
The Gold Standard of Worm Compost
Odor Free
Great for Green Houses, Grow Rooms, Veggies, Flowers, Nursery Plants, House Plants, Trees, and Shrubs
Mix up to 20% by volume with soil/potting mix

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Worm Castings, or Vermicompost is the end process of the earthworm breaking down organic plant matter and manure. These castings contain highly active bacteria, enzymes, and earth worm eggs. They are also packed full of essential minerals and fertilizer, including but not limited to nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and calcium. One will also likely find beneficial micro nutrients as well. Worm castings are excellent for most garden plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers (indoor and out). Many consider Farmers Organic Worm Castings to also be an excellent source of organic matter and slow release nutrients. Go Grow!

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