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RootZone - Pallet

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RootZone - 72 Bags per pallet
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Farmers Organic RooZone will help break up heavy clay soils and compacted soil to improve drainage and provide ample space for roots to grow. In sandy soils RootZone will add beneficial organic matter allowing your soil to retain more water and nutrients. RootZone is made up of 3 parts 10 year old composted hardwood grindings to 1 part Farmers Organic: High Cotton. It is full of micro nutrients and beneficial micro organisms that promote root growth and overall plant health. Health soil grows healthy plants. Why use RootZone? RootZone is specially formulated to improve poor compacted soils, clay soils and sandy soils that have very little organic matter. The goal of RootZone is to completely alter your soil structure, creating an environment where all plants will thrive. RootZone is great for all soils, and it is the perfect replacement for Clay Cutter.
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