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Potting Mix - Bag

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Potting Mix
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Farmers Organic Potting Mix is carefully formulated, containing an exclusive starter feed just for you. It is easy to use with no mixing required. Our potting mix is a complete blend of organic materials and compost to improve drainage, air flow, and root growth. It absorbs water easily and quickly and it is great for all potted and container plants.

Why use Farmers Organic: Potting Mix?

  1. Easy to use high quality potting mix.
  2. Contains Farmers Organic: High Cotton Compost and starter feed.
  3. Great for all your potted plants.

Fast and Easy Instructions

Easy to use Potting Instructions

  1. Select a pot with a drainage hole that is slightly larger than your plant.
  2. Fill the new pot approx. 1/3 with FARMERS ORGANIC: PREMIUM POTTING MIX. Be sure to leave enough room for your plant.
  3. To remove the plant from the old pot simply turn it upside down and gently tap on the sides and bottom, once this is done, gently remove the plant.
  4. Loosen root ball to stimulate root growth.
  5. Place your plant in its new home, fill in the space around the root ball with FARMERS ORGANIC: PREMIUM POTTING MIX. Leave a 1/2" space below the rim of your new pot.
  6. Water your newly potted plant thoroughly.

Fertilizing: Fertilize when needed. Apply according to directions provided to you by the fertilizer you choose.

Container Gardening

  1. Pick a pot that suits your personality and fill it with FARMERS ORGANIC: PREMIUM POTTING MIX.
  2. Choose a tall ornamental as a centerpiece.
  3. Pick out 2-4 medium sized plants (depending on container size) to plant around your center plant.
  4. Choose several trailling plants, place these along the edge of your container.
  5. Make sure and pick out plants with similar lighting and watering needs.

For Veggies

  1. Pick the planter of your choice. Make sure your veggies have proper space to grow.
  3. Plant and water your new veggies thoroughly, do not over water.
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