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Cow Manure Compost - Tote

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Cow Manure Compost - Tote (1 ton sack)
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Farmers Organic: Cow Manure Compost greatly improves the overall quality of your soil.  It is full of beneficial micro-organisms that stimulate and promote healthy root growth and development.

Why use Farmers Organic: Cow Manure Compost?

  1. No fillers, you get what you pay for.
  2. Great for all plants, beds, and garden applications.
  3. Promotes and improves drainage.
  4. Regular application greatly improves poor soil.


Beds and Vegetables

Add a generous portion of compost to your beds or garden 1" to 2" thick and work it into the soil.

To have the best soil, you need to regularly add compost. Do this every planting season for your garden. For your beds add 1/2" of compost several times a year to ensure that there is plenty of organic material in your soil. To add extra nutrients, mix with Farmers Organic: Chicken Manure Compost or you may use one of a number of Farmers Organic fertilizers.

Trees and Shrubs

When planting new trees and shrubs, dig your hole two or three times wider than the root ball of your plant. Also dig the hole approximately 6" deeper than the root ball. Mix your soil with at least 50% Farmers Organic: Cow Manure Compost before you place the plant in its new home. Fill in the extra 6" with your new soil mix. After this is done, place the plant in the hole and gradually fill in until the hole is full. Use the remaining soil to create a dam around your plant, water immediately to remove air pockets. Do not over water. Add water as needed to maintain moist soil. To add extra nutrients to your newly planted tree or shrub, mix soil mixture or top dress with Farmers Organic: Chicken Manure Compost or you may add a number of Farmers Organic fertilizers.

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