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Chicken Manure Compost - Bag

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Chicken Manure Compost
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Farmers Organic: Chicken Manure Compost greatly improves soil, water, and nutrient retention. It also improves drainage, promotes root growth, and nutrient absorption. It contains beneficial micro-organisms that help stimulate root growth in plants and makes available nitrogen more accessible.

Why use Farmers Organic: Chicken Manure Compost?

  1. More bang for your buck.
  2. Greater nutrient content than other composts.
  3. Great for all plants, flowers, trees, shrubs and vegetable gardens.
  4. Pleasant Earth Smell.

Directions for Use

Application Rates for Beds

  1. The correct rate is 20% Farmers Organic to soil by volume in beds.
  2. If plant requires, side-dress at 1 quart of Farmers Organic to 3.5 feet. However, it is necessary to understand the season requirements of the plant in questions.
  3. 1 quart covers 2.25 square feet when worked into the soil. 1-20 qt. bag covers 45 square feet.
  4. 1 quart covers 4.5 square feet when broadcast. 1-20 qt. bag covers 90 square feet.

How much soil conditioner do you need?

Planter Size   Approx. Amount per mixture
8"  -  1.2 dry qts.
12"  -  2.6 dry qts.
16"  -  3.2 dry qts.

Hanging Baskets

Planter Size   Approx. Amount per mixture
10"  -  0.8 dry qts.
14"  -  1.8 dry qts.

Tips for Gardening in Containers

  1. Add lime when preparing a potting mixture for the container. Lime supplies the necessary elements of calcium and magnesium. It also adjusts the pH range suitable for optimum plant growth.
  2. Mix potting mixture thoroughly. All ingredients must be blended sufficiently in order to create a homgeneous mixture. Improper mixture can lead to poor root growth and causes poor quality plants.
  3. Choose a container that has adequate drainage. The water must be able to drain in order to prevent plant rot.
  4. Choose the correct size container for variety. Some plant varieties require more space for root growth.

Tips for Better Potting Mixtures

  1. Expose peat moss or bark to rain for several weeks before using. Both are difficult to wet and require soaking.
  2. Avoid over-fertilization. This can cause root damage.
  3. Cover potting mixtures with plastic cloth to keep the unused mixture free of weed seed.
  4. Place potting mixture in full sun, cover with clear plastic and seal down the side during high temperature periods to kill weeds and harmful fungi. Soil should be no more than a foot deep to ensure sufficiently high temperature at the bottom of the pile. This process may require several days for a beneficial heat buildup.
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