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The Company

Farmers Organic is a family owned and operated business based in Newton, GA. Since our inception, it has been our objective to create a line of organic fertilizers made from completely composted poultry litter mixtures. This is in line with our goal of creating sustainable products
 and practices that assist in the building of healthy living soils for your plants and the environment. Many of the materials we use in our composting and produce operations are supplied by other local farmers who are also interested in environmental sustainability. Chicken manure stands out as one the best materials available for composting as it contains a large percentage of beneficial elements for optimal agricultural production. In fact, we use Farmers Organic compost in our produce division. Southwest Georgia is an ideal setting for Farmers Organic for the reason that it is one of the largest agriculture and poultry producing areas of the country.

Our Process

At Farmers Organic we have created a perfect blend of nitrogen and carbon from Georgia raised chickens and cotton plant residuals. The blend is
mixed and allowed to cure for several months. At this time the mixture is arranged into windrows and the composting process begins. Temperatures are monitored in all phases on a daily basis. By maintaining temperatures in excess of 145° for periods of at least six weeks, the chicken manure compost is free of weed seed and harmful pathogens. During the composting process the mixture is systematically turned and irrigated to guarantee that these ideal composting conditions are met. Once the composting phase is complete the mixture enters another curing phase. Once the final curing phase is complete, the mixture is screened and is ready to be bagged. Farmers Organic is routinely tested and analyzed to ensure that it has ideal nutrient levels for any crop production. Farmers Organic is excellent for any farming application and it is an environmentally safe product.

Our Promise

Farmers Organic’s core goal is to produce the best organic products possible while providing consistent, high quality service that you can depend on. 
We promise to treat you the same way that we like to be treated, with sincere honesty and integrity. We maintain strict protocols that ensure high quality products that are both effective and safe for your family. We believe that when you start with quality organic products, you get healthier, more nutritious and better tasting fruits and vegetables that can significantly contribute to the overall health and well being of your family.

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